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Waterproof Mattresses – A Good Idea

By Dr. Arthur Lavin

One of the inevitable charms of infancy is that babies are messy. Whether it’s a diaper blowout or a spit-up debacle, you’re almost always cleaning something up. Diapers help tremendously, whether you choose cloth or disposable, but there’s always a risk of extra leaks at night while baby is sleeping. Since babies aren’t always convenient to keep clean, it’s a good idea to get a crib mattress that is.

For some reason, many companies that make infant crib mattresses are moving away from making their mattresses waterproof. The market seems to be moving towards seeking a softer, quilted look and feel. The problem is that this look and feel, so nice for grown ups, invites problems when it soaks up urine, stool, and other messes.

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