Parent Coaching

Parent Coaching

We are very pleased, and excited, to announce that Advanced Pediatrics now has available a new and excellent resource, Parent Coaching. And our new Parent Coach is a person many of you already know and like, Ms. Sam Vernak.

Sam has been with Advanced Pediatrics for long enough to have met nearly all the families of the practice, and is known to many of you as one of the people who greets you and rooms you. Her care for families who come to Advanced Pediatrics led Sam to explore how to further help.

This opened a new path of learning for Ms. Vernak, and she embarked on training for coaching parents on the key conflicts that children experience. We all know too well the main five examples:

  • Sleeping Through the Night
  • Food Struggles
  • Toilet Training
  • Discipline
  • Sibling Rivalry

Sam has now completed a in-depth training in the approaches to helping each child reliably solve these conflicts, using the philosophy and techniques described in our book, Who’s The Boss: Moving Families from Conflict to Collaboration. Many families in the practice are familiar with this book, written by Dr. Lavin and his long-time colleague Ms. Susan Glaser. The approaches of Who’s the Boss have helped over 10,000 families successfully resolve these five challenges, and now Ms. Vernak is fully trained to help your family resolve them, too.

To see Sam as your parent coach, simply call the office at 216-591-1515 and we can set up time for you and discuss any questions you have about the process. And, this is a visit you can arrange to do from the comfort of your home or office via the AP Televisit option. The AP Televisit arranges for the visit to be on a video call, secured within your child’s medical record. In contrast to our usual AP Televisits, this service is not limited to those covered by Medical Mutual, everyone can participate.