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Influenza Vaccine Update for Advanced Pediatrics October 5, 2020

By Dr. Arthur Lavin

The influenza vaccines have been shipped to our office and families have received a large number already.

We are very pleased with both these facts.

As everyone in the practice should know, this year we decided to begin administering the influenza immunizations as soon as we received them, rather than wait until we receive all our promised doses and give them all at once on Flu Fests.

We made this decision, as you may remember, in deference to being in a pandemic year and knowing how quickly we want the flu shots given.

Of course, as we have noted this means that we are now in the position of offering the flu shots as they arrive.  The vast bulk of our flu shots are scheduled to be shipped to us in this month, October, but only about 30% have been received as of today.

This means that until we receive the bulk of our shipments, we will be giving flu shots primarily to those who have scheduled appointments to have their child(ren) receive the flu shot, and of course, will not schedule more people to get a flu shot than the number of flu shots in  hand.

From a medical perspective, the flu shot works very, very well when given in September, October, and even November.  So it is good news that we are able to offer all our flu shots in this time period!


  1. This year for the first time, Advanced Pediatrics is giving flu shots as shipments arrive, rather than wait til all doses are in hand and give them during Flu Fest times.
  2. We have administered about 20% of the total doses already, and about 4 more shipments are pending arrival across the month of October.
  3. This means two things:
    1. We will have all our doses in hand well in time for the influenza immunization, the flu shot, to be in plenty of time to help protect our children.  The influenza virus will not be here until mid-December.
    2. We will offer flu shots as shipments arrive, so families seeking flu shots will need to call for appointments which will open as the shipments appear here.

We are very pleased to offer this important protection during the time of a serious pandemic, and appreciate everyone’s patience as we find our way together to get these flu shots given.

To your health,
Dr. Arthur Lavin


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