Essentially every newborn gets rashes, almost always at least on the face, and frequently only on the face.

No one know why newborns get these rashes.  No one know why nearly all do.  And curiously, no one knows why they are mainly on the face.

But we do know that the rashes are almost always harmless, do not indicate underlying disease, and often have nothing to do with acne.

Newborn rashes typically look like different styles of red dots.  Sometimes the red dots are small, sometimes larger, sometimes on a red base, sometimes just a dot.

The newborn rashes we are talking about that all babies get, always go away.

Infrequently newborn rashes do indicate a problem.  The most common problem is eczema which is an inflammation of the skin.  You will know if eczema is present because the skin gets very rough or coarse.  Plain old newborn rash that is not eczema does not make the skin rough or coarse.

The most serious rash in newborns, and very rare, is herpes infection.  This rash is not red bumps, but tiny fluid filled blisters.

So, if your newborn’s rash is not blisters, but red bumps, and the skin is not coarse, feel better, it should go away if a few days or weeks.

If not, give us a call.