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Project TENDR National Meeting

Dr. Arthur Lavin will be attending the national meeting of Project TENDR on October 14-16, 2018.  Dr. Lavin was part of the original Organizing Committee for this consortium, which was established several years ago to create the authoritative group of experts on the subject of what chemicals are causing impairments in the development of our children’s minds?  TENDR stands for Targeting Environmental NeuroDevelopmental Risks and on their website, www.projecttendr.com, you can find their major publication that makes the case for chemicals we expose our children to that do indeed damage the development of their minds.

This Consensus Statement lists the set of 6 specific chemicals for which evidence is convincing for their role in harming neurodevelopment. Project TENDR is now moving from stating the sources of harm and towards actions that need to be taken to stop the harm from occurring.   This harm takes on special urgency when one considers the rise of autism, ADHD, and learning disorders in American childhood.  This national conference will gather the experts of TENDR from Harvard to Stanford, and many other leading academic centers, along with leaders from government and other agencies devoted to an environment that causes no harm.

The goal of the meeting will be to chart a strategy that will take what we know about chemicals that harm children’s developing brains towards actual policies that will sharply reduce or end the harm.

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