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Advanced Pediatrics, Who’s the Boss Parenting Academy Note: Sleep Training Comes of Age

The #1 reason parents hire parenting consultants in NYC and LA is to find an approach that lets everyone in the family get a full night’s sleep.
This is why Susan Glaser and Dr. Lavin teamed up in 1994, about 22 years ago (!), to develop approaches to teaching one’s infant and child to sleep through the night based on their already extensive experience in helping so many families succeed in this quest.
That collaboration led to the publication of their philosophy of parenting and specific how-to’s to help families achieve all night sleep in:  Who’s the Boss: Moving from Conflict to Collaboration (2006).  Based on the success of this book, Wiley Publishers invited Ms. Glaser and Dr. Lavin to be the offical For Dummies authors for their reference book on sleep for young children: Baby and Toddler Sleep Solutions for Dummies.
And, more recently, their parenting advice has been made available on-line via the Who’s the Boss Parenting Academy at www.whosthebossparentingacademy.com.  There, the philosophy and specific guidance first developed in 1994 and published in 2006 are available to anyone.
So it is with great pleasure that we read in the NY Times of May 23, 2016 that studies have demonstrated that our approach to helping families achieve a full night of sleep are very safe, and only support the bond of child and parent.  A recent study was reported to find that this approach, now widely adopted under the name “sleep training,” has no negative impact over time on the relationship of the baby and the parents.  Check iBt out:  http://well.blogs.nytimes.com/2016/05/24/sleep-training-shouldnt-make-parents-feel-guilty/?_r=0
We have known for nearly 25 years that if parents gently ask their 4 month-old, or older infant or child, to take care of their own sleep, they will always do a terrific job, much better than any parent or doctor could.  And we have known for a long time that when parents do turn the job of getting to sleep and getting back to sleep over to their child, it really works, and has for over 10,000 families we have worked with over the years.
So it is very nice to see our approach found to be, as we have seen all along, very supportive of parent-child relationships.
Sleep training, now the dominant approach to managing the sleep of your infant or young child, reflects the approach and technique first put forward by Ms. Glaser and Dr. Lavin in print in 2006, and now more recently available as an on-line course.  
Recent data supports this approach as effective and very safe for the relationship of the child with the parent.
To your health,
Dr. Arthur Lavin
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