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Good News on AP Televisits: One Call and a Click Away from Your Doctor

By Dr. Arthur Lavin

For all the families who are part of Advanced Pediatrics, you have likely already heard that our long-established videoconferencing platform, AP Televisits, has been performing very well as our approach to remain visibly in touch with you during this time of the  COVID-19 pandemic.

Early users of AP Televisits know that to connect to Dr. Lavin or Dr. Hertzer by video used to require downloading a special app and making sure it was compatible with your computer or device.

So, here is the good news:

To connect to Dr. Lavin or Dr. Hertzer by video, you now only need to call to set up the time you would like to meet, and then click on the link we will send you once the appointment is set.

The steps are now down to two, both very very simple steps:

  1. Call to make your AP Televisit appointment.  We will make that appointment and that will generate an email confirmation to you.
  2. In your emailed appointment confirmation will be a live link to you and your child’s AP Televisit.  When your appointment time comes, simply click on the link and your AP Televisit will begin, on any device you can click that link:  PC, laptop, or cell phone.

That’s it!


  1. Lots of families are finding that the AP Televisit way to visit with Dr. Lavin or Dr. Hertzer saves a trip, saves time, and does very well as a visit to the doctor to evaluate a problem and receive our medical thoughts and advice.
  2. With the new technology, you are now literally one call and one click away from seeing your child’s doctor!

This ease of meeting without driving or sitting in the same room has always been convenient, in the era of this terrible pandemic, AP Televisits allows you access to excellent medical advice very safely.

We once again share our hopes that we all come through this crisis well!

To Your Health,
Dr. Arthur Lavin



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