Nail Care

Nail Care

We are used to keeping our nails tightly trimmed.  For men especially, the appearance of any white rim at the edge of our nails seems problematic.  So why not apply the same standards to our newborns?  This expectation is further enhanced by fear that white margins are like claws, and turn our newborns’ nails into scratching machines.

It turns out that even if you trim your baby’s nails to the very edge, leaving no white rim, they still scratch quite well.   So there is no reason to  be too vigilant about nail trimming, let the nail grow out enough for you to be comfortable trimming.

A word on trimming.  It is hard to use nail clippers on tiny baby nails.  Think about letting the nail grow out long enough to peel the extra nail.  Baby nails are very soft and it’s very easy to simply peel the nail.

Many parents also like to file, or use little electronic filers which are easy and fun to use.