Expectant Parents

Expectant Parents
Advanced Pediatrics is excited to offer a place where your questions can really be answered, from birth through college, starting even before your baby is born.

This special part of our website, the page For the Expectant Parent, starts the process of being there for you with information that will make a difference.

Our Team

Dr. Arthur Lavin

Dr. Lavin was educated at Harvard (BA) and Ohio State (MD). At Harvard, Boston Children’s Hospital, and MIT, he completed training, became board-certified in general pediatrics and the subspecialty of newborn medicine, taught, and published original research in such journals as Science. He has been in pediatric practice for more than 25 years. He has served on several national committees of the AAP, as president of the Northern Ohio Pediatrics Society, and been invited to represent the US in Slovakia for a medical mission. Dr. Lavin has co-authored two books on parenting: “Who’s the Boss? Moving Families from Conflict to Collaboration” (Collaboration Press, 2006) and “Baby & Toddler Sleep Solutions for Dummies” (Wiley, 2007).

  • Board Certified Pediatric Medicine
  • Designated in America’s Top Pediatricians, current
  • Creation of National Policy on Children with Special Needs
  • National Organizing Committee Developing Guidelines to Reduce the Incidence of Autism and ADHD
  • Expert Panel that Created the Fourth Edition of Bright Futures, the Standard of Care for American Pediatricians

Dr. Julie Hertzer

Dr. Hertzer was educated at Tufts (BA) and Indiana University (MD). Her training was completed at the George Washington University School of Medicine’s Children’s National Medical Center, a nationally top-ranked children’s hospital. She has been in practice for over 15 years with special interests in development, adolescent care, and nutrition.

  • Board Certified Pediatric Medicine.page-id-153
  • Designated in America’s Top Pediatricians, current
  • United Health Care Premium Quality & Efficiency of Care Designation
  • Developer of Obesity Prevention Program, Mercer Elementary School, Shaker Heights
  • Developer of Puberty Guidance Program for Shaker Elementary Schools

Dr. Jessica Katz

Our OB/GYN Neighbor

Dr. Jessica Katz, a wonderful obstetrician-gynecologist, has moved back to Cleveland and has opened her private practice in OB-GYN just minutes from Advanced Pediatrics. Dr. Katz is not only an outstanding obstetrician and gynecologist, but a truly wonderful person who takes wonderful care of her patients. We are very excited to recommend her highly to our Advanced Pediatric families and their friends.

In addition to be being a fantastic choice for obstetric care during pregnancies, Dr. Katz also has a special interest in working with adolescent girls who have questions about contraception, or gynecologic discomforts or problems.

So why do we recommend Dr. Katz?

  • Dr. Katz is a truly wonderful person, and an outstanding expert in her field
  • Her private practice setting allows for the same access to care you experience at Advanced Pediatrics
  • You get to see the OB and GYN doctor you want to see, with ease of making appointments. Many large groups in the large centers now have 5-6 month waiting lists with no ability to be sure of who you see.
  • You don’t have to suffer long waiting times in the office.
  • Calling your doctor is easy, just call and you can get a message to Dr. Katz right away and she will call back.
  • Fetal ultrasounds are done in her office, no need to go elsewhere for routine monitoring.

Free Consultative Session

At Advanced Pediatrics, we are very pleased to offer a free prenatal consultation.

This is your opportunity to meet us, take a look at the office, and see if this would be a great medical home for your family as your baby grows up.

At this prenatal visit, Advanced Pediatrics offers 3 key items that are not typically available at all prenatal visits with a pediatrician:

  • Review of Feeding Options and Approaches
  • Review of all Questions about Immunizations
  • Presentation of the 3 Most Important Things to Know Before Being in the Care of the Newborn Nursery
    • The 3-Day Grace Period from Birthday to Day 3- very important to know before nursing
    • The Universal Nature of the 10% Weight Loss- very important to know before nurses comment on your baby’s weight loss after birth
    • The Safe Use of a Pacifier- very important to know if your newborn is one of many who want to suck all the time.


To schedule your free prenatal consultation, simply call us at 216-591-1515, our staff will be happy to help.

Expectant Parent FAQs

Let’s start with a tremendous resource for expecting parents that took us 10 years to create. Over a decade of listening, we wrote down the actual questions parents about to deliver, or those who had recently delivered, asked us.

In contrast to so many FAQ sites, these questions really are the most frequently asked.

Since we published this list of FAQ’s, the list has stood the test of time, the questions we get asked remain almost all from this list.

Here is the list of questions asked, simply click on the item and see our answers:


Contact Us

Contact Us

To schedule your free prenatal consultation, simply call us at 216-591-1515, our staff will be happy to help. Or you can use the contact form below.