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A Dangerous Conspirator Is Exposed – A Person Who Started With Our Trust Turns Out to Be a Threat

By Dr. Arthur Lavin

The COVID Pandemic has cost us all so much.  At the top of that list are the lives lost, now very close to half a million Americans, and already at 2.4 million dead around the world.

Then of course comes all the hardship.  The fear of the illness, the isolation, the disrupted work, school, and play.  This has been a true catastrophe.

At the same time that catastrophes hurt and harm, they reveal.

This week, we learned that someone born to great privilege, whose family name has been one of the most beloved in modern American history, used the trust that comes with his name to spread deadly lies, to hurt us, rather than help us.

That family is the Kennedy family.  From JFK to RFK, to Jackie, and to Teddy, the Kennedys have been giants on the American scene.  Their names bring up memories of people devoted to America’s service, deeply knowledgeable.  No matter which Party we lean toward, these have been people all think of as well-informed.

For one of the Kennedy’s, RFK, I will always have a special memory of him speaking to an angry crowd in Indianapolis the night MLK was assassinated.  He spoke in honesty, he respected the anger, he spoke with the people gathered and together they learned and felt.  There were on riots that night in Indianapolis, even though they erupted around the nation.  I have always thought the world of RFK and that moment, that speech, that audience.

And so how painful that his son, Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. has turned out to be a dangerous charlatan!

How bad is it, so bad that he is banned from Instagram!  https://www.nytimes.com/2021/02/11/us/robert-f-kennedy-jr-instagram-covid-vaccine.html

The RFK Jr. Charlatan

Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., has made a career spouting worries about immunizations.

It’s an easy path to follow.  Anyone can raise concerns about anything.  Picking on immunizations is especially easy these days.  So many are worried about them to start with, so go online and pitch your worries, and you have an instant following.  And after all, how many charlatans long for a following?  All of them.

Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.  took advantage of the autism question.  You should know that autism was diagnosed at about the same rate for decades until something happened around 1990.  Ever since then its numbers have been climbing.  This is a real problem.

But the problem has not been solved by people simply deciding that immunizations caused that rise in autism.  I never bought that proposition.  No change in immunizations happened around 1990 to explain the rise.  Nations with low rates of immunizations had the rise in autism too, proving that if we stopped all immunizations, autism would continue to rise.

That was not a problem for the celebrities who smelled an audience.  There were many, like Jenny McCarthy, and yes  Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.

They got up on platforms and said, don’t you think the rise in autism could be from immunizations?  And how about this child, who was fine until the day they got immunized?

Ideas like that, events like that turned into profitable books, media appearances, and huge audiences for these celebrities.

The idea that getting protected against tetanus, meningitis, measles, and other diseases causes autism was debunked long ago.  Jenny McCarthy has recanted, but not Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.

That makes him a charlatan.

The New Danger RFK Jr. poses

Now comes the COVID Pandemic.  Just in our own nation, we near half a million killed.

A great path is now open to end the rather catastrophic suffering, COVID vaccination.

And guess who is stumping around the nation to get you to be terrified of this amazing solution?  Yes,  Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.

He is playing the same game as he has for years, spouting out unproven worries, whipping up suspicion.  He will succeed.  He will reach millions, he is famous, he has written books, he is followed by millions.  Some will decide to not get the COVID vaccine and some will die because of Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. talking them into such a tragic decision.

I applaud Instagram for ending his use of their platform to put people into danger, purely for his own glory.

And I want to warn us all, yes he is a Kennedy, and yes he is RFK’s son, but no matter, he is a liar, a deceiver, and deserves to be cut off from being able to deceive people who could save their lives and the lives of those they love.

Bottom Lines

  1. Though a Kennedy, and a son of the great RFK, Robert Kennedy, Jr. is a dangerous charlatan.
  2. He has made a career spouting lies about vaccines, for many years deceiving millions about a long debunked rumor that vaccines cause autism.
  3. Now he dares to ply this trade in scaring us from seeking the one safe chance to not be killed by COVID, the COVID vaccine.
  4. Over 100 million people have gotten the COVID vaccine, and they are fine.  Nations with lots immunized are seeing COVID deaths drop.  We know it works, we know it is safe.
  5. This sordid episode might just be the right time for America to wake up from its anti-vax dreams.  We have seen what nonsense false rumors have done to our nation, let’s get back to reality!
  6. THIS IS KEY, GET COVID IMMUNIZED as soon as you can, your life, and the life of those you love depend on it!

To your health,
Dr. Arthur Lavin

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