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COVID Testing Update from Advanced Pediatrics – Friday, February 19, 2021

The good news is that FedEx has resumed deliveries, and that includes the swabs being sent to the lab that does our COVID tests.

The issue remains delivery of the swabs to the lab.  The lab we use is a major laboratory for the detection of genes from a wide variety of germs for many years, and so have been a very welcome source of reliable results for COVID.  Even as early as last summer they had done over 1 million COVID PCR swabs.

As we all know, the weather has interrupted normal delivery of materials across the nation.   Today we found out that 6 million of the critically urgent COVID vaccines set to be administered have not been delivered on time!

And as noted yesterday, there was no Federal Express delivery of samples.  Today, deliveries have resumed.  Our swabs from tests taken Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday of this week are in a truck that is in the same state as the lab, and should be delivered today or tomorrow.

Here is a picture from Federal Express showing trucks lined up on a road going to the lab- you can see the impact of snow on Southern interstates!

And so we wanted you to know that tests done here at Advanced Pediatrics are once again on their way, we hope to hear of some results this Saturday, or Monday at the latest.

Once the lab informs us of results, we will call you with results negative or positive.

Again, should a test result for COVID be necessary before Monday, the private testing service at BowTie (www.bowtiemedical.com) is available.

For tests done Thursday and Friday of this week, those tests are being picked up today and shipped to the lab today, and will be reported to us either Saturday or Monday as well.

Our hope and expectation is that the usual very smooth operation of testing with results within 48 hours will once again resume fully this Monday!

We appreciate everyone’s patience during an epic national weather catastrophe, and share everyone’s frustration with these delays.

To your health,
Dr. Arthur Lavin


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