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COVID-19 Update November 7, 2020: A Brief, but Important Update – Ohio Reaches Nearly 5,000 Cases a Day

By Dr. Arthur Lavin

Ohio Reaches Nearly 5,000 Cases a Day

On November 5, Ohio reached a worrisome peak, nearly reaching 5,000 cases a day.  Readers of Real Answers have heard many times about the nature of exponential rises of any occurrence, how slowly rises begin, up to about 1,000.  But once exponential growth goes past 1,000, doublings get to 10,000 so much more quickly.

We now see this play itself out right now, as Ohio has sadly taken off from its months-long hover at 1,000-1,500 cases a day, very recently climbing to 2,000, then 3,000, then 4,000, and then on November 5th nearly 5,000.  The worry is that as we approach 10,000 cases a day, which is now within one doubling, we will see the terrible scenes seen in every state that has hit this level- NY, FL, TX, AZ.

Today we are pleased to share the news the article in The New York Times is now in print, in the November 7 issue!

As we mentioned earlier in the week, an article written for The New York Times was published online, devoted to thinking for a moment about what impact the pandemic has had on grandparents, and so on parents and children.

The article is now in print today and available at The Times website (https://www.nytimes.com/2020/10/30/well/family/pandemic-grandparents-grandchildren-connection.html).

To your health,
Dr. Arthur Lavin


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