to create real change in your child's health, school performances and emotional mastery

To be effective, we designed our pediatric practice to be small and personal with one office. This scale of operation allows you to make sure your child can see the same provider whenever you choose to and ensures that all the providers in the practice know you, your child, and each situation. Knowing the actual narrative of someone’s health is important to determine the best next step to take whenever health needs to be advanced. Knowing the best next step is at the heart of the highest quality of medical care.

As an independently owned pediatric practice, we can allow the practice to determine and implement the best possible decisions regarding medical care the moment that advances in care are published and proven. At the same time, our independent status allows the practice to enjoy close working relationships with the top pediatric specialists at all of our region’s top medical centers, including University Hospitals of Cleveland and the Cleveland Clinic Foundation.  Our independence also allows us to find and seek the nation’s top experts for rare and serious medical conditions.

Though we are independent and small, we strive to be full service. Our organizational services encompass a wide range of needs. While most families may not have these needs, the availability of these services reveals the depth of our commitment to provide the best help possible in any eventuality.

In order to provide our patients the best information that science has to offer, we do not accept samples of drugs, advertising items, money, food, or anything from outside vendors.