AP Televisits

AP Televisits

COVID-19 and AP Televisits

Important update: The government has given emergency authorization to have these televisits covered by government insurance.

The office remains open to meet with people for telephone consultation or with video on the AP Televisit platform.  We also still advise families to bring their young children ages 2 and under to the office for their regularly scheduled health supervision visits (aka, “check-up”) to ensure early growth and development are coming along well and immunizations remain current.  Health supervision visits for children 2 years and older remain available if the family is comfortable coming into the office at this time.

Please note that the office is not allowing children with cold symptoms to be evaluated in the office in person and the staffing is being rotated at half level, all towards reducing the contact numbers in person.

To connect to Dr. Lavin or Dr. Hertzer via AP Televisits, there are only two very simple steps:

  1. Either call to make your  appointment or fill out the appointment request form on this page and we will call you.  We will make that appointment and that will generate an email or text confirmation to you.
  2. In your emailed appointment confirmation will be a live link to you and your child’s AP Televisit.  When your appointment time comes, simply click on the link and your AP Televisit will begin, on any device you can click that link:  PC, laptop, or cell phone.

Appointments with Dr. Arthur Lavin or Dr. Julie Hertzer are now available through video technology: The AP Televisit.

With use of the AP Televisit, you can arrange a personal visit with either Dr. Lavin or Dr. Hertzer from the comfort of your home or office.  All you need is access to a webcam via computer or mobile phone and registration with the Healow App. Healow is the internet service that links you with your child’s medical record here at the Advanced Pediatrics office.

Billing. AP Televisits will be billed like a regular office visit including collecting co-pays and known balances prior to being seen.

Follow-up. An AP Televisit may result in an office visit requested by you or by us.

To make an appointment. AP Televisit appointments can be made by calling the office or requesting an appointment on-line. Our office will make sure you are web-enabled in our chart system, have an active web-enabled account in our medical record, and show you how to activate the AP Televisit before your appointment time. Dr. Lavin or Dr. Hertzer will join you on the screen shortly after you arrive.

AP Televisit FAQs

What is a Televisit?

The AP Televisit is an office visit, where you bring your child to be seen by a doctor, either Dr. Hertzer or
Dr. Lavin, at Advanced Pediatrics, but the visit takes place in a live video.

Where am I during the video?

You and your child can be anywhere you have a laptop or cell phone with a webcam.

Where is the doctor during the video?

The doctor may be in the Advanced Pediatrics office or at home.  Just like you, the doctor can be anywhere they have a working webcam.

Is the video session like Skype or Facetime?

Yes, and no.

Yes, as with Skype and with Facetime, AP Televisits allow two groups to see and hear each other on live video by allowing each of their webcams to transmit video signal to the other’s screen.

No, your image will not simply go to the doctor’s computer or cell phone, but will appear only in the chart of the child whose AP Televisit you have scheduled.   This is a major distinction because with AP Televisit, the signal only occurs on a highly secured video connection created by the electronic medical record company used at Advanced Pediatrics, eClinical Works (eCW).  eCW has created a pathway to take your video signal and a video signal from the doctor that is officially HIPPA compliant.  Neither Skype nor Facetime offer anywhere near this level of privacy security.

Is there a cost to use AP Televisit?

Yes, the charge is the same as for a regular sick visit in the office.  But in return, AP Televisits allow you to have a virtual office visit from the convenience of your home, or wherever you have webcam access.

How is an AP Televisit paid for?

The charge is processed just as we process payments for office visits in the office, we ask you pay prior to being seen what charges can be anticipated, the service goes to your insurer for payment, and you are billed for any remaining balance.  When you make your AP Televisit appointment, the office will collect any co-pay due, and if a known amount is due for the visit, that will be collected too.  Then any remaining charges are presented to your insurer, who will decide how much to cover, and the remaining balance will be billed to you.

Do insurance companies cover AP Televisits?

As of right now, only one insurer covers an AP Televisit- Medical Mutual of Ohio.  Therefore we are recommending that to start with, only children covered by Medical Mutual of Ohio should have AP Televisit appointments.  All others would face the cost without coverage, until their insurer joins with Medical Mutual and decides to cover virtual office visits.

Are AP Televisits a Good Idea for Every Problem?

Not really.  As you might imagine having an office visit by video conferencing allows the doctor to only evaluate visual information or to have conversation.  So the best use of an AP Televisit would be for highly visible conditions, such as pink eye, rashes, sunburn, bug bites, warts, and such.

The AP Televisit is not able, at this time, to allow us to examine your child’s ears or listen to their breathing, so it is not useful for questions like, is there an ear infection present?, or is there any concern about lung illnesses?   We also can do no tests with AP Televisit, so it is not an office visit where we can find out if that sore throat is strep, or if that painful urination is a UTI.

What is the Availability of Televisits?

AP Televisits will be scheduled just like regular in-office sick visits are.  That is, on the same day, at times not already scheduled.  As we reserve time every day for same day sick visits, we should have time each regular office day at Advanced Pediatrics for AP Televisits.  The actual experience of availability will of course vary by demand.   We are not making it available regularly on weekends, but when we do, it will happen only if the family is registered (see below) and the doctor able to engage in an AP Televisit outside the office.

How Do I Register to be able to Have an AP Televisit?

That’s simple, just call the office at 216-591-1515.  Simple that is if you are in the practice.  AP Televisits are limited to children who are cared for in the practice of Advanced Pediatrics.  That is a condition of coverage by families’ insurance carriers.

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