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The 15th Anniversary of Advanced Pediatrics

Dear Families of Advanced Pediatrics,

We at Advanced Pediatrics are very happy to announce that on January 1 of this year, this practice, your practice, celebrated an important milestone.

This New Years Day was the 15th Anniversary of Advanced Pediatrics!

We at Advanced Pediatrics all wanted to say Thank You, to all the children we care for and all their parents, grandparents, and families who have placed and continue to place their trust in us to provide health care and advice over the years.

It that trust and confidence that are the heart of this practice, we hope never to take that for granted, and to come to the practice every day honored to have a profound sense of gratitude for turning to us to help you.

As this Anniversary Year proceeds, we will be sharing some stories of how we started and what we have accomplished together.

But to kick off this 15th Year, this Crystal Anniversary, we would like to announce a fun project for all interested.

We would love to invite all families interested to send us a Happy Birthday message to their pediatrician’s office, to Advanced Pediatrics, and we thought it would a lot of fun, only for those who would like, to send in a photo(s) from when your child(ren) first started here at Advanced Pediatrics, and the most recent photo(s) of your child(ren).

We will post these stories and photos (from first joining to now) of your child(ren) on our website and in the office!

You can visit this form on our website to submit your message and photos.

So, once again, we start this Crystal Anniversary of Advanced Pediatrics with a huge THANK YOU!

Your trust allow us to be your doctors, an honor we continue to deeply cherish.

Dr. Arthur Lavin
Dr. Julie Hertzer


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